“Generator Installation - Commercial & Residential”

For a variety of customers, including high-rise office buildings, hospitals, grocery shops, residential and retail establishments, we offer and install stationary and towable generators.

We Service All Of California From Our Northern California Sacramento Locations. Call +1 (916) 668-0605 For Details.

Generator Sales & Installation

Equipment Selection, Purchase, & Installation

Once we determine your backup power goals and develop a plan, we will work with engineers to size the generator, tank, and other equipment accordingly, then produce engineering drawings. You may not select and install a generator often, but we do! We will act as the prime contractor on the installation project, managing all aspects including:

  • sale of Automatic Transfer Switch (ATS) and other ancillary equipment
  • applying for and securing necessary permits from authorities having jurisdiction over your site
  • attending inspections
  • managing other contractors involved like electrical, cement, fencing

Startup And Test

Once the backup generator, ATS, fuel storage, etc., are all installed, we will start up your generator and ensure that the power phase rotation is correct. Furthermore, we will perform a live building transfer to simulate a utility outage and make sure that the ATS communicates with the generator and calls for a start up.

After running successfully, and producing the proper voltage, we will restore the building’s utility power and make sure that the transfer back occurs without a hitch.

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