Timeline For Getting A New Stationary Generator Up And Running

Even though power outages are a constant source of disruption and irritation in our lives, they nevertheless occasionally occur. This is especially relevant now that California is experiencing an increase in fires. Another thing the severe winter of 2022–2023 taught us is that there are threats all year long.

Even during PG&E's public safety power shutdown events, you need a reliable electrical supply if you wish to prevent these unplanned outages. This holds significance not only for residential dwellings but also for commercial establishments and enterprises. Long-term cost savings can be achieved by investing in generators since they minimise downtime. They are an excellent fallback in the event of unexpected power disruptions.

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Timeline For Getting A New Stationary Generator Up And Running

Generators come in two primary varieties: towable and stationary. This post will discuss stationary generators and the estimated time needed to choose, order, and install one at your location.

A specialist with the requisite competence for a project such as this is needed to install a new stationary generator. Even for the average handyperson, this is definitely not something they can figure out on their own.[Revised for lead times in 2024] Now let's examine a one-year and two-year plan. Although a year might seem like a long time, keep in mind that there are circumstances in which it may take longer.

One thing to bear in mind is that this schedule's timeline is subject to change. This implies that, depending on the situation, your experience can be shorter or longer. Although the installation procedure can take several months or more, it is generally expected that everything will be finished within a year.

What Some Organizations Are Doing To Prep For Backup Power

We occasionally assist our clients in implementing their backup power plan in two phases. We're directing them towards:

  • Set up an ATS, or automatic transfer switch.
  • prepare the location by pouring the concrete pad, for example.
  • In the event of a power outage, reserve one of our towable generators for their usage.

They are currently following the steps mentioned in this post to have their stationary generator operational in time for the fire season of the next year.

Next Up, What?

Join together with Generator World, a business that can assist you at every turn. We will assess your demands up front and assist in choosing the appropriate generator type, size, and brand. After that, we'll collaborate with you to successfully navigate the regulatory obstacles unique to your area and choose reliable contractors to complete the job.

After installation, we can instruct your staff on how to properly maintain and operate the generator to ensure that it is ready to work for many years to come.